Irish higher education: the hunt for the right words

This is the word cloud for the Hunt Report on Irish higher education (National Strategy for Higher Education). It confirms the group’s focus on structures and process rather than content.

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6 Comments on “Irish higher education: the hunt for the right words”

  1. Al Says:

    The day will come when reports etc, are going to be composed working backwards from a word cloud!

  2. Perry Share Says:

    would have saved a lot of paper (and time) just to publish the wordle cloud!

  3. Anna Notaro Says:

    Great toy for generating word clouds here: and
    Here it is used to analyse Obama’s speech
    In a visualization obsessed age like ours and considering all its various applications (from health to architecture and art) why not visualizing words as well??
    One of my favourites contemporary philosphers Bruno Latour has brilliantly stressed the link between visualization and cognition in

  4. Jilly Says:

    I love that the word ‘universities’ is so small. Says a lot.

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