Recession stories – photos

As we go through the economic and political convulsions of this recession, those of us lucky enough to have an income and a home may forget that an economic downturn creates real personal tragedies. I have been walking the streets of Dublin with my camera looking for recession stories. Here’s one, below. The perspective is deliberate, intended to show that we pass by without connecting with people in this position.

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4 Comments on “Recession stories – photos”

  1. anna notaro Says:

    yeah a good example of ‘How the Other Half Lives’, to cite Jakob Riis famous photojournalistic work of 1890 (if unfamiliar with Riis What about the text in the background ‘….omnia’ ‘Insomnia'(I know it’s a coffee shop chain in Dublin)could it be a subtle exhortation to all of us to wake up and notice what’s happening around us?

  2. Brian Says:

    Is the problem that we have panhandlers, or that we have people that give money to panhandlers? The unchecked panhandler is the first broken window and I would posit that if people stopped giving them money, we’d see an enormous decline in panhandling on our streets. This, by extension, would also bring a decline in other antisocial behaviours. The only real way of removing panhandlers is to make giving money to panhandlers illegal. Unfortunately this would require a garda force with an interest in enforcing petty crime laws, which is another problem with have.

    • Vincent Says:

      If a homeless person hasn’t got an address them he/she will find it very difficult to draw the dole.

    • kevin denny Says:

      I don’t think you can (or should attempt to) legalize away the poverty and homelessness that generates this. Such people need to be helped not condemned.
      Besides, panhandlers serve an important social function: it reminds the rest of us that we are so bloody lucky.

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