University anniversary

Exactly 22 years ago today, on January 13 1989, the Irish government then led by Charles Haughey announced the establishment of Dublin City University and the University of Limerick. At the time both institutions were designated as ‘National Institutes of Higher Education’.

DCU and the University of Limerick had a massive influence on how universities operate. Unlike the established universities at the time, they had close links with industry, focused on particular areas of study and research, and allowed students to gather experience through work placements. Many of their innovations have now become standard across the sector. As young universities, they have had remarkable success in gaining international recognition. DCU became by far the youngest university to enter the global top 300 league table in 2006.

The presidents of the two universities at the time were Danny O’Hare (DCU) and Ed Walsh (Limerick). They should still be proud of their legacy.

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3 Comments on “University anniversary”

  1. […] Birthday UL Posted on 13/01/2011 by Stephen 22 years ago today*, the NIHE, what would become UL, was established, along with its Dublin counterpart, now DCU. Happy […]

  2. cormac Says:

    It would be interesting to have some idea of the research activity at NIHE Dublin before it was upgraded (funding, articles in research journals, citations etc). I once enqired about this but found it difficult to get hard facts on the matter..

    • I did have a look at this, and NIHE’s research performance was actually remarkably good, considering the lack of funding. The evaluation report on NIHE said its research performance was on a par with many established universities in the UK.

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