Ending in tears?

This blog is coming to you from California, where there’s lots and lots in the news about the new Republican-controlled House of Representatives and its new Speaker, John Boehner. I was able to see the swearing in of the Speaker, and was struck by how easily he is reduced to tears. Mention his family, he cries. Mention that it’s an honour to serve America, he cries. And so on.

He is not alone. Indeed, it appears to be something of a conservative hallmark in the US. Apart from various politicians, rightwing Fox News pundit Glenn Beck bursts into tears at every possible opportunity, some of them far from obvious ones.

Is this all highly natural, and should we be expecting a more lachrymose version of politics on the other side of the Atlantic? I’m not sure, myself. I suspect it would end in tears.

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One Comment on “Ending in tears?”

  1. Anna Notaro Says:

    Maybe he was crying because he was still sorry for the mistake he made a while back when he confused the Declaration of independence for the Constitution. Should he still be ‘confused’ now, it will certainly end in tears 🙂

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