Right on the ball

It’s good that people keep up with the news.

Overheard in Dublin yesterday. Three people were standing on the side of the road with placards reading ‘Beep for Gaza’. Two young men were walking past this little protest, and I was behind them. After they had moved on a few yards, this exchange took place.

Young man #1: ‘I wonder what that’s all about.’
Young man #2: ‘Maybe he’s going to be the Ireland manager?’

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3 Comments on “Right on the ball”

  1. For readers who have no idea what on earth this meant, you might want to know that ‘Gazza’ is the nickname for retired football (soccer) star Paul Gascoigne.

    • Vincent Says:

      Oh, COME on.
      While I couldn’t pick the fellow out of a lineup. Even the Monasteries on the Sinai have heard of Paul Gascoigne.

  2. Anna Notaro Says:

    and everybody knows that Ireland manager is still signor Trapattoni, former manager of the best team in the world: Inter Milan ! 🙂

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