The most (and least) annoying Christmas songs

Yesterday as I was negotiating my way through the snowy streets of Dublin the radio announcer promised me some ‘traditional Christmas music’. So there I was, anticipating maybe some Handel, maybe Quem Pastores, or indeed Adeste Fideles. And we’re off, but no, it’s Slade with Merry Christmas Everybody. And before I had time to recover from that, I’m up against Roy Wood’s Wizzard and I wish it could be Christmas Every Day. I’m sure he does, by the way, because that would push up royalties even further. Thankfully I had arrived at my destination, and so I was spared (I’m sure) Wham, Boney M, Johnny Mathis, Jona Lewie, Cliff Richard (oh my!), not to mention Sir Paul McCartney’s uncharacteristically execrable Wonderful Christmas Time.

Funnily enough, I’m still OK with Band Aid’s Do They Know it’s Christmas, and John Lennon’s Happy Christmas (War is Over). But if you want to hear a Christmas song you may not have heard and which is musical, lyrical, poetic and original, sung by a voice from heaven, listen to Alison Sudol (A Fine Frenzy) and Red Ribbon Foxes.

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5 Comments on “The most (and least) annoying Christmas songs”

  1. kevin denny Says:

    Personally I think Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Slade and Wizzard’s contribution. Sadly in the US one doesn’t hear them that much. Although one should feel sorry for the shop assistants forced to listen to this stuff all day.
    A great Christmas song (of sorts) is Greg Lake’s I believe in Father Christmas which has a segment of Prokofiev thrown in.

    • Jilly Says:

      I have done the shop assistant jobs where the ‘Christmas tape’ is on a loop for all 8 hours of your shift, every day for at least 4 weeks. It really is a form of psychological warfare. I did once crack, and tell my manager that if we didn’t play a different tape for an hour or so, I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions: he relented, thankfully. Difficult though university life can be sometimes, at least they don’t pipe Christmas music into our offices!

      I do have a weakness for The Little Drummer Boy, but my partner won’t have it in the house, so I’m always quite pleased when it comes on in a shop I’m in. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday, on the other hand, is unbearable…

      • kevin denny Says:

        Yeah I had heard about the cruel & unusual punishment. Still as Noddy Holder sang “Look to the future now, its only just begun”

  2. If I can’t have it in Latin, I want it like this:

    or even like this:

    An end to whining at Christmas particularly musical whining. We need glory, fun and silence!

  3. Paraic Says:

    My own, personal, favourites include Love is Come Again (although I’ve never understood the pairing of a carol melody with lyrics that reference the Resurrection), In the Bleak Midwinter and 3 by Anúna – The Wexford Carol, St. Nicholas and Winter, Fire and Snow.

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