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When during the Watergate hearings it was revealed that in 1971 aides to US President Richard Nixon drafted an ‘enemies list’, it became a source of personal pride to many of those who were on it that they had been thus recognised; and indeed it became a matter of anguish to some who had not been included.

Now that a fair number of WikiLeaks cables relating to Ireland have been published, it would perhaps be a matter of concern if one made no appearance in any of them. I am happy to say that I do get a mention, in this document published by the Guardian (if you go to point 11).

What a relief!

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11 Comments on “Your blogger wikileaked”

  1. kevin denny Says:

    Wow, fame. What next “I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here”? Or maybe a Rubberbandits type video??

  2. Jilly Says:

    I’m distracted from your fame by McCreevy’s use of the phrase ‘dictatorial’ government, ‘disciplining’ industries. Shame this didn’t apply to the financial sector, eh Charlie?

  3. Is it an accurate summary of your views?

    • Acuurate-ish. I said at the encounter that entrepreneurship was about creativity, and it shared that with poetry and art. I said that these could not be taught in so far as they relied on talent, but could be nurtured through teaching and learning.

  4. Wendy Says:

    I’m disappointed! There’s not a single insult in the comments about you. No references to an authoritatian style, or accusations of being sycophantic, or yet even that you’re an emperor with no clothes or – horror of horrors, apparently you don’t enjoy wild parties!

    Seriously, this is my main problem with Wikileaks: is there anything at all in the leak you linked to that could remotely be considered whistleblowing? It’s pure gossip, and barely even interesting gossip at that.

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