2010’s top 10 gadgets

Time magazine has just published its list of top 10 gadgets for 2010. I am shocked that I only own three of them: the iPad (which tops the list), the iPhone and Apple TV. I hadn’t even heard of one of them (Nook Color). That’s seven things to aim for in 2011. Or if you’re still wondering what to give me for Christmas…

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10 Comments on “2010’s top 10 gadgets”

  1. wendymr Says:

    The Nook Colour is just the colour/touch-sensitive screen version of the Barnes and Noble Nook. I have an earlier version of the Nook, which uses e-ink. You will not be surprised to hear that I have nothing else on that list.

    • Not even an iPhone, Wendy?

      • wendymr Says:

        You’d be horrified – I have an ancient Nokia pay-as-you-go that I hardly use and that spends a good quantity of its time out of power. I just don’t need a mobile most of the time – if I make or receive more than one call a week, that’s a rarity.

        But if I did have reason to want a smartphone, I’d go for something with an Android OS, or a Blackberry, which J. has (for work). Never Apple!

  2. anna notaro Says:

    Have you heard about the The Que, a cross between a tablet-style computer and an ebook reader? The latest attempt to challenge Amazon, Sony, Apple and Co. by a company founded by two Cambridge University professors. Research with some (real)impact, not least for the professors in question.. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/ces/6947726/CES-2010-Amazon-Kindle-under-threat-from-unbreakable-light-as-paper-Que-e-reader.html

  3. copernicus Says:

    Inventing products is not enough but clever marketing and post-marketing services are. There was once Transputer an ingenious design which was used as the basic modular building block of a variety of computer systems with power ranging to super computers (The company was INMOS and the inventor Prof David may now at Bristol U. It folded up after a few years dominating the scene.

    Wait a minute! Believing what is reported in that dreadful right-wing paper DT instead of gentle Guardian? Surely…

  4. kevin denny Says:

    I am proud to say I don’t own any and feel none the worse for it.

    • anna notaro Says:

      Kevin, the point is not whether to feel either better or worst about having a technical gadget, besides the consumerist sell pitch such gadgets tells us a lot about our society’s Zetgeist, it has always been the case with technology…it never emerges out of a vacuum but represents the culture and spirit of the time we live in..

  5. anna notaro Says:

    in case anyone is interested this is the first non fiction book conceived exclusively for the iPad http://www.eagleman.com/netmatters

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