Photo #16: the inn in winter

For much of this week I was stranded in Yorkshire (where I had been passing through) because of the extreme weather. I am now back in Dublin. But my enforced stay in Yorkshire produced some photography, of which this is an example. The building is the Pipe and Glass Inn, South Dalton. It serves wonderful food in front of open fires.

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9 Comments on “Photo #16: the inn in winter”

  1. copernicus Says:

    The snow around Bronte Parsonage in Haworth in weather like this… I once enjoyed that eerie sight.

  2. Derbie Says:

    I was (also) stuck in Hull last week but where is South Dalton??

    Nice picture though!

    • South Dalton is about 5 miles north of Beverley – between Beverley and Driffield (or to give it its official name, ‘Great Driffield’). It’s a really beautiful village, and its church also has the tallest spire in the region.

    • Perry Share Says:

      ‘I was stuck in Hull’ – now there’s a real horror story!

      • Derbie Says:

        It has some good places around and it has been a very long time since my last visit there so it wasn’t that bad but I didn’t know about South Dalton. I just find it in the map.

  3. Vincent Says:

    It looks like it was lifted directly from the set of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. You would have no surprise if Ichabod Crane came to stand in that doorway or the Hessian came down that pike.

  4. anna notaro Says:

    There is an American ‘visual feel’ for me as well, the pic made me think of George Henry Durrie and his winter lanscapes

  5. kevin denny Says:

    Stranded in a pub because of the weather,such hardship…

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