Horse without a carriage?

Every so often a social or cultural issue is pushed into public view for topical reasons, and right now the topic du jour is marriage. What has brought this on is, of course, the announcement that Britain’s Prince William is to marry his long term girlfriend, Kate Middleton. The wedding will take place some time next spring (April 29, if you really must know), watched by goodness knows how many billions around the world, and as the hype gathers momentum the topic of marriage gathers some interest.

Interestingly, the Pew Research Center in Washington DC has just undertaken an analysis of the data and trends around marriage in the US, and it makes for interesting reading. The key findings are, first, that marriage as an institutions is declining, but secondly, that the family remains strong and resilient. Whereas in 1960 68 per cent of all Americans in their 20s were married, by 2008 this had gone down to 28 per cent. On the other hand, while Americans on the whole now had a much broader view of what constitutes a ‘family’ (including cohabitees, same sex relationships and so forth), 76 per cent say that their families are the most important thing in their lives, and over 80 per cent believe that their current family (however constituted) is as close as or closer than the family of their youth.

Assuming that Americans don’t think too differently from the rest of us, what should we make of this? It seems to me that the conclusion to be drawn is obvious enough: the institution of marriage has suffered from the moral, or maybe moralistic, baggage that has often come with it, while the provision of mutual support offered by the family continues to find a resonance. The question for us now is whether the much looser formal ties that underpin a family are good enough, or whether it needs some degree of legal security; and of course this is important particularly in the context of providing an appropriate setting for the raising of children.

Either way, I gather that weddings do have sudden bursts of popularity. A few years ago the catalyst was the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral; and next year it will probably be Ms Middleton’s big day.

PS. I am aware that many readers may not understand the connection between the topic and the title of this post.  That’s what happens to you as you grow old.

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6 Comments on “Horse without a carriage?”

  1. Team Oyeniyi Says:

    How about a carriage without any horses? In my case we have a marriage, but are prevented from actually drawing that carriage along life’s journey by bureaucracy.

    As far as the population in general is concerned, at least in Australia there is little legal difference between being marriage and a de-facto relationship, especially where children are concerned. The fact the legislation has taken this path would suggest that marriage is definitely no longer the only means to define “family”.

  2. Vincent Says:

    Has it somewhat ta do with Surrey’s and Fringes on top. The title that is.

    Anyhooos, do I care, nope. I have a far bigger worry that BBC Four lose Victoria Coren. However I’m fickle and only remember she’s on when I happen across her programme. But from now on I’ll leave it on that channel as ’twill be unlikely that they’ll have more than two mentions an evening. And not wall to wall crap elsewhere.
    Still a plus, there must have been many a wail from members of the human equivalent of Weatherbys.

  3. copernicus Says:

    Marriage by far the best option which provides stability, despite its perceived problems and tensions, which is essential to bring up children as good citizens. Their educational achievements reflect this.

    • Jilly Says:

      I take it from this, copernicus, that you therefore support gay marriage in order to allow gay couples the full opportunity to bring up their children in a situation of stability?

  4. Name: Mark Says:

    Wills is making the worst of mistakes–marrying the first one that puts out. It won’t take her long at all to get pregnant, thus locking down her gains before he wakes up.

  5. iainmacl Says:

    Please, the lack of respect. Princess Katie, if you don’t mind.

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