A Green electoral agenda?

According to various news reports, Ireland’s Green Party has indicated that it will pull out of the coalition government after the forthcoming Budget has been adopted and will call for a general election for January 2011. Curiously the Green Party’s website does not mention this development, but it appears to be genuine. It is clear from this that the party wants to regain a degree of political initiative in the light of recent developments to avoid being wiped out electorally.

As the Greens have made their opposition to higher education tuition fees such a key issue since the revised programme for government last year we can probably expect to see this feature as a priority in their election strategy; that is not particularly a bad thing, because in all the turmoil the country is now experiencing, it is likely that higher education will, for once, be a key election issue. I disagree fundamentally with the Greens’s approach to this, but I welcome the prospect of a proper public debate about the future of the country’s universities and colleges.

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7 Comments on “A Green electoral agenda?”

  1. Pidge Says:

    It’s not just about electoral viability (I don’t think that anyone in the Greens have any notions of an easy election), but because I think people came to the view that once the budget was passed, and a four-year plan published, there should be an election.

    Interestingly, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if the party would support some sort of graduate tax/loan system, but the introduction of such a system could hardly be justified now, given the large costs associated with setting it up, and the long-term payback scheme.

  2. By mid-afternoon the Green Party website carried the story.

  3. copernicus Says:


    The Greens believe that money grows on trees!

  4. I too would like to see a proper debate on this. At what income – personal or family – would payment of fees be required?

  5. Al Says:


    Your expecting a proper public debate!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What good will that do anyone trying to get elected when they can provoke fear and rumor and offer to be the solution or defend the local interest.
    Bring on the faction fighting
    Thats all that will be on offer!

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