Photo #13: Aberdeen

On a recent visit to Aberdeen (my home-to-be), I took this photograph at dusk.

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7 Comments on “Photo #13: Aberdeen”

  1. Jason Michael McCann Says:

    Dear God! Are you leaving us?

  2. Vincent Says:

    LOL; Dusk is it. You are about to receive a masterclass on the exact meaning of Gloaming. And you’re eyes will think they are going blind if you head for the mountains in winter.
    You will return to An Dubh Linn slapping on suncream like you do for southern Spain.

    But how on earth did you get the lamp in the fore and the Doric in the mid. Did you merge two shots.
    Anyhow, I think you will find that the dawn will be the delight for you rather that the dusk.

  3. anna notaro Says:

    Nothing like Dundee at dusk, I promise you! LOL

  4. copernicus Says:


    Good photograph, brings back some pleasant memories about Aberdeen and our stay there for 4 years. Then Aberdeen was less crowded, and RGIT was compact and yet effective and was recruiting all its students locally from Aberdeenshire. The sights and sounds of Aberdeen then were excellent.

    Buildings like Marischal College and University of Aberdeen’s 15th century King’s College Chapel are two of the most majestic buildings anywhere in the world. Marischal College was sanctified by that great scientist James Clerk Maxwell, and it was a pity that University of Aberdeen did not take him to its fold. But then Maxwell went to King’s College London and then to University of Cambridge where he established the now famous Cavendish Laboratory which has produced so many Nobel Prize winners.

    Please stay in the city and you will have many opportunities to get to know the place.

  5. Ros Says:

    Beautiful! However, it just serves to remind me that we won’t be seeing any more of your evocative photographs of DCU campus in winter. You are already sorely missed here for many reasons and particularly in these turbulent times.

  6. Jason Michael McCann Says:

    I am both very sorry and delighted at this news. It will be so sad to see you go, and I do hope that we get a chance for an utterly cerebral free coffee in the very near future before you go. Out in Ballymun with JUST a great muchness of the time at the moment, hope that is close to you. Delighted that you are moving ‘up/north’ in the world. Hope that it is working out for you and the family.

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