Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

As long term readers (bless you!) of this blog know, every so often I take a look at what search terms people have used to find the blog. My main purpose in doing this is to see what kind of audience I am reaching and what’s on their minds. But often I find myself rather bemused at what gets people here.

So for example, over the complete lifetime of this blog 202 people found it by searching for ‘curvy women’ (and longer term readers will know why). I rather doubt that those who came here via that route went away satisfied. More weirdly, 79 people found this blog by searching for ‘my hopes’, which apart from anything else is a rather weird search term: what were these searchers expecting to find that would help them?

And here are some other recent search terms that led to here:

bibdesk (I don’t even know what that is)
what’s with sophocles and oedipus? (good that I am getting the classics…)
jail for politicians
what is effective and continuous? (well, what is?)
there is no reason (sounds strange I know, but can anyone guess how that got the seeker to this blog?)
removing nervous lecturers
the vamp of inchicore (eh?)
what am I paying for?
where do all these young people go?

Where indeed!

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4 Comments on “Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?”

  1. kevin denny Says:

    I used to work with a vamp from Inchicore, Catherine something. That must be the connection.

  2. Perry Share Says:

    probably a typo of ‘ramp from Inchicore’ – all those speed bumps on Connolly Ave: a topic you dwelt on for some time

  3. Colette Says:

    May I share with you the reason’s why I read your blog?

    I, too, work in HE in Ireland and have yet to find such an insightful, disinterested and engaged voice within the sector.

    I read you because I would be less informed if I didn’t. Please do continue to comment on Irish affairs when you take up your new position.

    Thank you.

  4. Bibdesk helps with bibliographies. It’s Mac software for LaTeX and BibTeX users. (Sorry if I’ve just added more gobbleygook!)

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