Photo #12: exotic Ireland

What you see in this photo is Sandycove, just south of Dublin. I chose a perspective, and then a photo editing method, to make the scene look more exotic and sub-tropical. It was actually taken exactly a week ago today.

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8 Comments on “Photo #12: exotic Ireland”

  1. Victor Says:

    Nice photo– is that Dalkey Island in the distance or a ship.

    Talking of focus — the UCC -Dylan Evans trial comes up for final judgment on Monday Nov 1.

    The UCC charge is that he, Dylan Evans, violated clear and binding confidentiality contracts in order to humiliate and bully a female colleague who was a victim of prior, proven, sexual harassment by Evans.

    What are the legal fees for Evans so far, 100,000 +?

    When will the verdict be delivered ?

  2. NiallM Says:

    Its difficult to appreciate the photo when then image is in such low res. Maybe give a link to a high-res version?

    BTW: making Ireland look subtropical is not hard – just visit the sandy beaches of West Galway or Mayo. But making Dublin look exotic is hard – well done!

    Even harder is finding a link between an image of Sandycove
    and the bat sex story. Impressive, sort of.


    PS: Prize for most forced

    • Victor Says:

      Fair enough— the reason I bring this up is that the Evans case has attention @ Stanford in the US.

      Up to this point we have only heard Evans side of the story—- through his self published petitions, PR blitz, articles and blogs
      —U C C and the female colleague have honored all the confidentiality contracts and ethics.

      The High Court has heard BOTH sides of the story—and their verdict will flow from that on Monday .

      In the court of public opinion Evans does not have any friends left and that is his own doing.

      There is a key concept in Risk Intelligence

      Never make a bet so great that if you loose you will never be able to bet again

      — that is what Evans has done.

      No doubt the fruitbat issue will be incorporated into the pre employment training of probationary employees like Evans in the future.

      But everyone knows that Strictly Confidential means Strictly Confidential .

      Without trust and ethics re contracts such as confidentiality in academia, or else where , you end up with the Leviathan–lives that are nasty, lonely, brutal and short.

      We are very concerned about miscreants abusing the concept of ” academic freedom ” to justify violations such as sexual harassment and confidentiality contracts.

      The link with blurring the picture is relevant IMO

      any update on the case?

      • Jonathan Says:

        Hi Victor,

        I’ve heard that Evans has the backing of several wealthy friends, and has also secured a lucrative book deal for over half a million dollars, so I don’t think he’ll be unable to bet again, even if he does lose this one!

        Anyway, it’s Evans who is taking UCC to court, not the other way round. And this case has nothing to do with any alleged breach of confidentiality. Evans is seeking a judicial review of the investigation the UCC carried out into an allegation of sexual harassment. Evans alleges that UCC failed to follow due process and to uphold his right to a fair hearing.


        • Victor Says:

          thanks for the update and clarification

          I understand that the court costs will be 70,000 euro per day for each party so if it drags on it will burn money.

          Then I should imagine that the victim will sue evans for dragging her name through the mud

  3. Vincent Says:

    There is something Dali-esque about your treatment of the light. It sorta fits with Scotts Geragh. Of course, its only at either side of the daylight saving that you could get the makings for such a shot.

  4. anna notaro Says:

    To me it looks hyperreal, in this sense of the word

    • Actually Anna, that’s a really interesting reference. The intention in my editing was to take reality and make it appear like fantasy – Dali-esque as Vincent suggested. But I really like to reference to hyperreality.

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