And some more rankings …

Yes, I know that everyone is probably fed up with league tables right now, but then I did say this was the month for them. The latest ones that could be of interest are the annual US News and World Report rankings of American universities; and the Sunday Times league table of British universities. The latter will, I believe, also issue an Irish version of their rankings, probably next week.

And the Times Higher Education world university rankings are due out this week.

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2 Comments on “And some more rankings …”

  1. Vincent Says:

    A league that might be worth a passing glance would be the one that measures pay and benefits. It might be fun to see where you rank on that table.

  2. Ernie Ball Says:

    These “league tables” are of no interest whatever. They amount to outsourcing to self-appointed groups responsibility for deciding what the missions of our universities should be.

    The fact that the rankings fluctuate from year to year is only the most obvious sign that they are completely bogus.

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