Welcoming the iPad to Ireland

Yesterday Apple’s iPad finally came to Ireland, having teased us for a while with its appearance in the United States, Britain and indeed Northern Ireland. As readers of this blog will know, I have had my own iPad now for a few weeks, purchased while I was in Belfast on business.

Well for those who didn’t make the pilgrimage to Northern Ireland or elsewhere, it’s now available in Dublin. News reports say that trade was brisk, and there were some queues of people when the shops opened, but nothing too hysterical, and there were still iPads available at the end of the day. My guess is that the excitement was slightly less intense here because many of the real fanatics had already purchased one in Belfast or Britain.

As for me, I have now had the iPad for exactly five weeks. I take it everywhere. I write notes at meetings on it, I listen to music, I consult my online calendar, I read books. In fact, I have just finished the first work of fiction read entirely on the iPad. I was already the owner of two Amazon Kindles, and I have to say that the reading experience on the iPad is much better, in the sense that it feels more book-like and handles better. And for Kindle owners, you can continue to use your iPad as a Kindle also; you can transfer your Kindle purchases to it and also buy and download new Kindle books from Amazon directly on the iPad. On addition, you have Apple’s iBookstore – and books purchased there have some slight advantages, such as genuine page numbering (which is important if you are consulting academic books).

Some reviewers have talked about the iPad’s limitations, but I have to confess I haven’t experienced that at all. Yes, Flash is missing, and if you want to print you have to transfer whatever it is to your PC or Mac first; and yes, whatever little grumble this or that reviewer had is probably correct. But for me, none of this has mattered.

So would I recommend it? Oh yes, absolutely. Just don’t try to get mine!

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6 Comments on “Welcoming the iPad to Ireland”

  1. Roger Smyth Says:

    As a matter of fact you can now buy an app for the iPad that allows you to print, even by Wifi and over 3G! Sorted

  2. Mark Dowling Says:

    Have you tried Flipboard yet? I hear good things about it.

  3. I’m very, very tempted to buy one, but I’ll wait until version 2.0 I think.

  4. Paul Says:

    Have my iPAD since the day it was released in Ireland. So far it has been a very positive experience in many ways (listening to music and playing a few games), but I have encountered some MAJOR negatives for me. I knew Flash was missing from it (see the blank at the top of my web site http://www.lichens.ie), but I did not realise that Flash was used on the web so much! I cannot listen to BBC radio as they use Flash in their player! What a bummer. What is really going on with Apple re this Flash. I use a web site that puts data onto Flash maps and now they don’t show on the iPAD either.
    My other gripe is the TOTAL lack of quality books on the Irish iBooks site. There is lots of public domain stuff, but I want to buy some science books – but NOTHING exists… just a rubbish biology book for 1909!
    Also pdf files work painfully slow on the iPAD. Sometimes I though they would not load or the page was not going to turn (I’m using the 64 gig version).
    The computer press in Ireland should get past the sexy interface and look at real issue like this.
    My advice is – really think about what is important on the iPAD for you before you buy…. and… an Irish iPAD experience is NOT the same a a USA one.

    • Paul, the Irish iBookstore should now get much more content as the iPad has officially arrived. But you can in any case download the Kindle app for the Ipad and then you have access to all of the Kindle ebooks on Amazon, which you can download directly on to the iPad.

      • Vincent Says:

        just a tiny question. Why if we are soooooo important here in Ireland to the sparks that feed the IT are we not in the US tranche or at least the UK. But No.
        Is this situation true with all the releases, not just Apple.

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