The blog will go on!

A number of readers have contacted me to ask whether this blog will continue after I leave office as President of DCU in approximately two hours time. The answer is yes. In fact, as indicated previously, I am hoping to develop it somewhat over the weeks ahead – more on that again shortly.

In the meantime, as my term of office finally comes to an end today, I want to express my warm thanks to all readers here, those from DCU and those from elsewhere in Ireland and abroad. It is hard to express how great a privilege it has been to be President of DCU, but I also look forward to new things in my life and to seeing how DCU will go on from strength to strength. As, I hope, will higher education more generally, here and everywhere.

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11 Comments on “The blog will go on!”

  1. Clare Says:

    Delighted to hear that the blog will go on. Best of luck in all your new ventures. Clare.

  2. Yes, long may this blog continue. I only recently stumbled upon it, yet it is already a firm favourite.

    I hope you enjoyed your final day. I’ll be sure to raise a glass this evening to your future and, as you say, to the future of higher education.

  3. Vincent Says:

    Welcome to the World.

  4. Liam Says:

    Another relative newbie here from the e-learning arena, I really enjoy the blog on a daily basis and I am glad to hear that it is set to continue.

  5. cormac Says:

    Glad to hear the blog is to continue, Ferdinand (will you have to change the name? I got funding for Harvard, so I’m off in September, but I’ll keep an eye on the ‘new’ blog.

  6. Jilly Says:

    I hope you’ll be raising several glasses tonight, to celebrate your freedom!

  7. Perry Share Says:

    Congratulations FvP on breasting the finishing tape – and best of luck for the future. Glad to hear this yoke will be continuing in some form . . .

  8. wendymr Says:

    Congratulations on ten very successful years! I hope you and the family will be taking some time off before making any decisions on what comes next.

    I have to say that this entry’s ‘possibly related posts’ amused me very much!

  9. Kat Farrell Says:

    Glad to hear it will continue!

  10. Says:

    This is the greatest nonsenese I ever heared off.

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