Forwarding the papers

Last year I wrote a blog post about the role of universities in stimulating economic development. Over the months since then, this post prompted two comments. You can see the post, and the two very odd comments, here.

Now as far as anyone here can see, what papers should I be forwarding to these good people?

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5 Comments on “Forwarding the papers”

  1. iainmacl Says:

    It’s ‘comment spam’ Ferdinand. it copies a phrase in the post and embeds a link to other sites.

    • wendymr Says:

      Except there’s no link, embedded or otherwise, that I can see…

      • iainmacl Says:

        its usually in the name but isnt here…so therefore an unsuccessful attempt! hah! unless wordpress has stripped the embedded html

        • Yes, the odd thing here was that there was no link (wordpress doesn’t strip that out), and therefore it didn’t look like spam. Also, why do two different readers (totally different IP addresses) make the same request several months apart? Actually, I was looking for some humorous suggestions… 🙂

  2. wendymr Says:

    Well, obviously they were using advanced powers of foresight and prediction and, in anticipation of this post, were requesting that you send them degree certificates.

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