Photo #6: finding your way in rural Ireland

The photo below was taken about 20 miles out of Dublin at a rural crossroads. I had to get out of the car to make sense of which way I should be going. I couldn’t.

Going somewhere?

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7 Comments on “Photo #6: finding your way in rural Ireland”

  1. kevin denny Says:

    As the local advised the John Wayne character in The Quiet Man “Well, if you want to go there, you shouldn’t start from here”.

  2. Victor Says:

    You personally must have a GPS over there, if not get one.
    A patronizing view on Irish culture was popular some time ago, these days it does not work– consider the Dylan Evans case at UCC– his claim that the Irish are a bunch of Taliban prudes has ended his career as an academic and credible source for ever.
    His praise of the Una Bomber has precluded his chances in the USA.
    Ireland, in our view, is in a unique position to mediate serious disputes where terrorism is an issue, much as Germany takes a stand against ethnic cleaning and slaughter– given its history

    • Victor Says:

      The Irish do, in fact, have an important model of how to resolve disputes involving terrorism,
      Also the Evans case will be important for Irish credibility.
      He needs to be punished severely for his cynical use of the concept of “Academic Freedom” and his manipulation of Web 2.0 and to try and re-frame his behavior.
      As Pinker says on his blog” Evans is an amusing and trivial autodidact, who attempts to be a relentless self promoter”

  3. iainmacl Says:

    Ah Ferdinand, nice juxtaposition of the two posts…confusing lack of direction followed by comments on the national strategy…nice one…

  4. Vincent Says:

    Is it not a tad annoying names like Bellewstown in Irish. Especially so inside the Pale rampart, never known for its welcome of the Native Irish

  5. NiamhC Says:

    It gets way more complicated when you get further from the capital.

    In a one hour journey from Donegal Town to Glencolumbkille in South-west Donegal drivers encounter eight different spellings of “Glencolumbkille”

    Please see:

  6. Martin Parker Says:

    I had a similar encounter with some more recent signage- coming into Cork city from the west. I came across a ‘motorway size sign’ which I was hoping would give me some directions. Only to find it consisted entirely of logos and acknowledgements for the source of the funding of the road building; very over the top in terms of scale and acknowledgement to my mind.

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