Seek and ye shall find

Yesterday someone found this blog by searching for “Universities that have converted their i’s to t’s”.

Can anyone suggest what the person concerned was looking for? I cannot imagine they found it here, but then again, who knows?

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4 Comments on “Seek and ye shall find”

  1. Vincent Says:

    It might be something that one of the translators coughed up. I’ve seen stuff the google one has worked on that lean very much on the weird side of odd.

  2. Perry Share Says:

    ‘I’ is a code in academic databases (eg Banner), indicating that a student has an ‘incomplete’ grade. Maybe it is something to do with this? I don’t know what the T would represent though: it might be ‘terminal pass’ (which indicates that a module can’t be used as a prerequisite) but I think that is usually TP.

  3. John H Says:

    Should your post not read

    Yesterday someone found thts blog by searchtng for “Untverstttes that have converted thetr t’s to t’s”.

    Can anyone suggest what the person concerned was looktng for? t cannot tmagtne they found tt here, but then agatn, who knows?

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