Make up your mind…

Spotted on Dublin’s Lower Gardiner Street, just before a railway bridge: three signs indicating different maximum heights. It’s rather charming, really.

I hope thy don’t remove any of these or bring them into line with each other…

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10 Comments on “Make up your mind…”

  1. kevin denny Says:

    Perhaps one of them refered to Gardiner Street before they Lowered it.

  2. Sean Says:

    First Grade Inflation, now height inflation!

  3. Perry Share Says:

    I would have thought this was obvious – the figures refer to the distance between the top of the bridge and the top of the sign. Thus the top of the bridge is 4.97m above the round sign, which is 3cm above the rectangular one, which in turn is 11cm above the diamond-shaped one. This is very useful information for anyone wishing to jump over the bridge! This in fact is the only way to access the ‘Tourist Hostel’ on the other side. Have a nice weekend πŸ™‚

  4. Vincent Says:

    The first one is for overhead ESB, so having hit that and being only a few feet from the Poolbeg, the bridge is going to be someone else’s problem. At that point yours will be up or down.

    • Actually Vincent, it’s more complex (and silly) than that. The first sign is a warning regarding the overhead Luas (tram) power lines, and the second and third are two signs contradicting each other about the bridge. But the Luas lines don’t appear until after you passed the bridge, so it’s totally confusing!

  5. kevin denny Says:

    These signs may also be an example of a more serious phenomenon: too much information. Put up lots of signs and people end up not taking any of them in. If you go to A&E in a particular hospital I know and you will be met with such a plethora of signs, notices & warnings that many people miss the key ones.

  6. Colm Moore Says:

    The yellow/black and red/white signs refer to different bridges. Frenchman’s Lane 4.97 16′ 3″
    379 Gardiner St. 5.11 16′ 9″[/quote]The fron grey/yellow sign refers to the Luas overhead power cables.

    The location

    • Colm, this is not actually the case. There is another (fourth) sign for the height of the bridge on Frenchman’s Lane, and indeed that is an other height again. So the two (non-Luas) signs on my photo both relate to the same bridge.

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