The €10,000 airline meal

I kind of like this story. Apparently a passenger who bought a winning €10,000 scratch card on a flight from Poland to the UK on Irish airline Ryanair wanted to have the sum paid out on the spot – i.e. in the air – and when he was told that this was not possible and that he would have to claim it on the ground proceeded to eat the card in anger. And in doing so he lost his winnings.

I guess that there may be several things at work here, some of them no doubt personal to the passenger concerned. But is this also connected with the particular kind of mood that nowadays comes with airline travel, and maybe travel with Ryanair (now Europe’s largest airline) in particular? There is now, from my own experience at least, an edginess to flying, derived in part from all the security measures you now have to go through, and in part from the way in which passengers must now be highly alert to ensure that they understand the sometimes unpredictable conditions and measures that airlines impose on them and which are associated with fees and payments that come up unexpectedly. Maybe the man had misread or misunderstood the terms and conditions applied to the scratch card – maybe he thought he had to eat it to claim the prize. Indeed if that had been the case it would hardly have surprised me.

These days, on my flights between Ireland and Britain, I can never help feeling that the crew member saying over the PA system, ‘enjoy your short flight with us,’ is being sarcastic.

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3 Comments on “The €10,000 airline meal”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Well, given that you’ve just walked most of the bloody way you have to wonder why the feck you are getting on a plane in the first place.

    While the lad with the scratch card has done damage to ryanair by making them a laughing stock. And you would have to say eating the card is hardly displaying the full trust that he might ever get payed.

  2. Aoife Citizen Says:

    I am sure this whole thing is a Ryanair publicity stunt!

    “This whole thing” being the ticket eating, not the security checks and edginess, the edginess, though, is entirely misplaced: flying has never been safer.

  3. Mark Dowling Says:

    Fortunately for us in Eastern Canada we are becoming acquainted with Porter Airlines, which has a business model built around treating the passenger like a human being rather than merely “self loading freight”.

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