NUI Galway – University of Limerick strategic alliance

The full text of the document announcing the strategic alliance between NUI Galway and the University of Limerick can be seen here:

This document sets out the areas in which the new partnership will address in a collaborative manner, and it includes teaching, research, knowledge transfer and civic engagement. Particular areas of expertise are highlighted, these being biomedicine and biomedical devices, energy, ICT, and social development and civic engagement. Research teams will collaborate, and students will be given opportunities to take courses in the respective other institution. The two universities also envisage drawing in local institutes of technology and teacher training colleges in due course.

The document suggests that the alliance has been well prepared and that several joint projects will be initiated or developed immediately, with longer terms prospects of additional collaboration.

DCU has research collaborations with both the University of Limerick and NUI Galway, and I wish this new alliance every success.

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4 Comments on “NUI Galway – University of Limerick strategic alliance”

  1. Aoife Citizen Says:

    As predicted, no mention of the medical schools.

  2. Vincent Says:

    I predict tears.

    • Aoife Citizen Says:

      Why, Vincent, its a very sane, if slightly unambitious arrangement.

      I am a big fan of both Universities and there is a lot they could cooperate on, sharing a tech transfer office and purchasing makes sense, the nonsense about translational this and that is annoying, but normal and, yes, they have a shared interest in mathematics education and in software and localization. UL is very good on culture, the Irish music etc and Galway, if not NUI Galway, per se, is strong here too.

      I notice Galway doesn’t mentioning much about its strength in cancer, not UL about industrial maths and, as I said, nothing about the nursing or medical schools, obviously it would be useful to unite these, although it would complicate UL’s relationship with Surgeons.

      In other words, a sensible and perhaps overly unambitious alliance, with nothing that resembles a real attempt at merger and, indeed, merging wouldn’t really work.

      • Vincent Says:

        Yeah, Basically it’s how Tesco, Lidl and Aldi make the extra shillings.
        Why are all of them not tied to one contract for A4, they must go through mountains of the bloody stuff. And notepads, why not top and tail-stamp with Irish Universities*. There must be millions floating about in that type of savings.

        But what none of them are set up for is the Oxford system where the colleges share the facilities of the University, for it is in that type of family this foray sits.
        And the tears will start simply enough with a lab tool reserved for a UL student in NUI,G or the other way round being switched to a student of the home University. The solving of this is to get all new equipment, but then what you are doing is establishing a new college.

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