In pursuit of national regeneration and self-confidence: Your Country, Your Call

This afternoon the President of Ireland, Mrs Mary McAleese, is launching a new initiative to generate both ideas and a new national mood of optimism and self-confidence. This comes in the form of a competition called Your Country, Your Call, which will invite submissions from people in Ireland and overseas for game changing ideas that have the potential to create economic activity and prosperity in this country. The two winning entries will receive prizes of €100,000 each, but other entries may also receive support for their implementation by the appropriate state agencies.

The whole project is the brainchild of Dr Martin McAleese, and his energy and enthusiasm ensured that it would become reality. it has gathered a number of supporters who contributed solely on a pro bono basis. I was very privileged to be a member of the steering committee that developed the idea and guided it to its launch today. Other DCU staff, and DCU students, were also involved. It will receive a lot of publicity over the days and weeks ahead.

Further details can be seen on its website.

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5 Comments on “In pursuit of national regeneration and self-confidence: Your Country, Your Call”

  1. Aoife Citizen Says:

    Great idea but what a terrible website, it’s like 2003!

    • Aoife Citizen Says:

      So I regret how negative this sounds as a first comment, it is a really fun idea, no matter how annoying the website is.

      • Wendymr Says:

        It is a good idea, but you’re right: the website is terrible. Most of the pages even seem to have text missing in the bottom right-hand columns. I hope the organisers will be able to tidy this up.

  2. Jilly Says:

    Here’s my entry (and I’ll waive my 100,000 euro, I’m suggesting this entirely in the spirit of public service):

    Change the government!

  3. […] what I was told. I’d met Martin before. Nice guy. Ferdinand Von Prondzynski was there too – should have asked him  for my old DCU grounds job back To the point Your […]

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