Time for a forum for a reasoned debate on higher education

As readers of this blog will know, my time as President of Dublin City University is drawing to a close. Not absolutely imminently, but in mid-July I will be handing on the baton to my successor, Professor Brian MacCraith. Before I do so, however, I am planning to organise a conference in DCU on the future of higher education. I am planning this for June, and it is my hope that by then the report by the steering group working on the strategic review of  higher education will have been issued and that we will be able to reflect on it and on the various issues that have been raised about higher education and research in Ireland.

As the programme is developed for this event I shall publish details here, and I hope that many of the readers of this blog may want to attend, and indeed may want to play an active part in the discussions. Currently my fear is that higher education is drifting, not because the academic community is not engaged, but because we are being subjected to far too many unreasonable expectations and criticisms. It is time to present a positive view of what universities, institutes and colleges do for Ireland, and how we can develop a vision to do even more.

There will be more details here in due course.

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10 Comments on “Time for a forum for a reasoned debate on higher education”

  1. Iainmacl Says:

    sounds good. Any chance you can avoid June 10th and 11th (Galway Symposium) and even 22nd and 23rd (HE Academy Annual Conference)??? 😉

  2. barratree Says:

    be sure to include student voices as well

  3. Perry Share Says:

    It might also be a good idea to put some papers up on the blog that could then be discussed prior to the conference. These discussions and the outcomes could then be reported at the conference itself. That way there might be a potential to gather a broader range of voices than can be presented ‘live’ at the event itself. It would of course be possible to specifically target people to respond on certain issues.

  4. belfield Says:

    This is very worthwhile initiative. I look forward to attending and hopefully contributing in some way.

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