Photo #2, 2010

As part of my irregular series of photographs, this one was taken last week on Griffith Avenue, North Dublin. The camera used was a Leica D-Lux 3, which is really a Panasonic with a Leica lens and sensor. It is not my main camera of choice, but as it fits in my pocket I carry it around and use it when I don’t have a full SLR to hand.

I have called the photograph ‘Tree Tunnel’.

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7 Comments on “Photo #2, 2010”

  1. kseverny Says:

    its wonderful.
    So mysterious

  2. Vincent Says:

    Lovely shot. There is a sort of Medusa feel.

    Is there a farm in the middle of DCU ?. I ask only as I did not know Griffith Av, so had to look it up in the sat’maps. And found what looked like Wheat fields in the middle of Dublin.

    • Many thanks, Vincent. There isn’t a farm in the middle of DCU, but there is one right next to it. It is the only inner city farm I am aware of anywhere in the world. It is owned by the Eustace family, who also have two nursing homes there. There are about 60 acres of farmland, now all tillage. They used to have cattle, I believe, but they used to break out on to the Swords (airport) road too often.

  3. FATIMA Says:

    Moro em Porto Alegre / Rio Grande do Sul – Brasil, gostaroia muito de Manter contato com o senhor, VON PRODZYWSKY tenho fotos que pertenceram a seus familiares.
    por favor me ajude a encontra-lo aguardo anciosamente.


  4. Kevin, I haven’t been there but know about it – but it’s not the same. ‘Our’ farm is just an ordinary working farm, not a public amusement park…

    • kevin denny Says:

      Ferdinand, well not an ordinary farm but its web site does say “..Airfield is a 35 acre estate with working farm.. “. Anyway I am not sure that “public amusement park” quite captures the essence of the place.

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