Supportive spammer

Someone trying to sell property in an overseas location attempted to spam this blog today. I won’t give you the spammer’s website details – the location of the property is not somewhere you’d want to invest, at least not wisely – but I thought you muight like to read his or her upbeat assessment of this blog anyway. The comment was posted allegedly in response to the last post on the value of dissent. Here it is:

Your blog is very good to see it got some amazing stuff in this blog. No dissent needed. I have a draw on your pictures I feel very Ace ………….. Please don’t dissent, everyone say ‘Oh yes, good good blog’. Ace, really ace…….

Now who could disagree!

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2 Comments on “Supportive spammer”

  1. Jilly Says:

    It does make you wonder…

  2. Aoife Citizen Says:

    As far as I can tell email spam is primarily filtered by gmail by distribution pattern and user response rather than content; it’s great, it works very well and spam is much less of an annoyance, at least for email users, than it was a few years ago. However, I was slightly sorry that this happened just when spammers appeared to be starting to concentrate on making their content imitate ordinary email, for a while it evolved quite rapidly in a way that made it less easily distinguishable from normal email. I was looking forward to receiving interesting and engaging correspondence which only very casually suggested the opportunity buy cheap Rolex watches. Obviously I need to start a blog to benefit from this evolution of spam, unfortunately though I don’t have time to do so since I became an authorized dealer for herbal viagra, email me if you never want to be soft again.

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