2009 Photo of the week #1

As readers of this blog will know, I have not used images or other media here, in large part so as to keep it fairly ‘clean’ and uncluttered and to focus on substantive messages. I shall however from now on publish one or two photos every week. The first one (below) was taken by me in Dublin last month. but I would be very happy tp publish photos taken by readers. I should however stress that I shall tend to use black and white (even if that may seem pretentious to some). Feel free to send me photos you think might merit publication here.

Comments on any of the photos are welcome – I am still only developing photographic skills and always welcome help.

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3 Comments on “2009 Photo of the week #1”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Were you aiming for a Toulouse-Lautrec feel to the thing ?.

  2. KevinM Says:

    Just a suggestion but would you include some of the metadata (focal length, shutter speed, lens etc)?

    Did you consider taking the shot from a lower angle? Taking the shot from lower down, say at a height one might attempt a profile photo of the lady on the right, might create more of a focus on her, balancing everything more. right now the eye begins squarely in the centre of the shot and moves out. The whole thing has a lovely little mood to it though!

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