An academic definitely not neglected

Well, to be fair, a former academic. The American magazine Foreign Policy has just declared the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, to be number 1 in the list of the top 100 global thinkers. So here we have someone from a very definitely academic background who is certainly not neglected (with reference to my last post). Not only not neglected, his every sneeze has the potential to make or break currencies, taxes or interest rates.

Bernanke was appointed head of the ‘Fed’ in February 2006 by then President George W. Bush, and his term was renewed this year by Barack Obama. Prior to that he had been ¬†Professor of Economics at Princeton University, and his special field had been the economics of the Great Depression – clearly an expertise that was to be become unexpectedly practical. In his role in the Fed he has not been without his detractors, but the majority view has been that he has shown exceptional skill as well as appropriate daring in the extraordinary global economic conditions we have been experiencing.

So if you are one of those academics fretting about being ignored by the public and policy-makers, take heart: Bernanke shows that you can still make it right to the top.

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3 Comments on “An academic definitely not neglected”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Ah yes, economics/water, water/economics and the Irish Academic Influence. These days one might call all those Economists as little more than annoying Mosquitoes. And then we have this little issue solved in the main by the English Army’s survey of Ireland in the 1840’s. When they told us what we Irish held in our hearts. The place is a soaked saucer. But with all the spawn of the Universities both past and current you would think that every build for the past 170 would at the very least be above 30ft of the summer level.
    Ah, nooooo, that might be a bit to easy. And then we have those engineers that in their wisdom didn’t lower the level of the biggest river catchment on the state after having the wettest summer on the books. And then when God turned the Shannon into a fizzed up bottle of water. You might think the cork might have been left of the bottle on the lower river. I had more flaming control when as a kid I would divert little rills with fist-sized stones and sand.
    As to Bernanke the Prof’, at the head of the Fed’. I would far prefer a lucky old Turf Accountent that’s been in the job for 50 years.

    • Hm, Vincent, bookies as bankers? I thought we’d already had that and discarded it?

      • Vincent Says:

        Bookies, old ones anyway, do not bet on races. They lay off risk.
        And they also know exactly what a book is about. These idiots did not know where on the balance they were until days or even weeks later. And why, because that were not required to install a bloody counter that kept an ongoing tally. What those banking fools were about did not even have the intellect of those with financial expectation based on the Lotto.

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