Hello to you!

Today, as I am sure all readers of this blog know, is World Hello Day – a day that is allegedly observed (at least by someone) in 180 countries. It began as an initiative to overcome the global pessimism that was generated by the Arab-Israeli Yom Kippur War in 1973, and since that time a number of people have worked tirelessly to keep the idea alive.

And how do you observe World Hello Day? Simple: you greet at least ten people you do not know, thereby encouraging global peace. So you can walk down a city centre street, identify your ten targets and say Hello to them – but you may need to be careful, as not everyone might welcome the unsolicited greeting. Indeed you need to be alert to someone popping out from a doorway to alarm you with their own unexpected Hello.

But in the meantime, one pleasant use of the concept is that you can make a list of those whom you do not intend to greet, even if they do turn up right in front of you today. Like Thierry Henry.

But then again, let’s shake off all those inhibitions to which we are so prone on these islands, and let’s hasten on world peace with our ten unsought Hellos. But maybe don’t do it when I’m around. In fact, I may be staying indoors today.

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6 Comments on “Hello to you!”

  1. Vincent Says:

    From the air lately. On inhibitions, the English have inhibitions but only regarding sex. The European, with everything except sex. I know, I know, but why spoil a good saw.
    As to this ‘Hello Day’, what kind of nutter decided to be that prescriptive. And surely if you do not say whatever version of howdy to the person who sells you the morning newspaper for the remaining 364, world peace is very unlikely to benifit from whatever efforts made to-day. No, this has all the feel of hash inspired beauty pagent speak.
    And really can you see the Girls down at the Rose of Tralee dreaming up this crap while arranging acres of satin.
    This whole thing is just un-Irish.

  2. Wendymr Says:

    Oh, all right then…


  3. kevin denny Says:

    Apparently it was international men’s day recently.

  4. Kevin, perhaps of even greater importance is the month-long event ‘Movember’: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Movember

  5. kevin denny Says:

    As a proud possessor of a moustache I am thrilled. Thanks! Or, should I say, Hello.

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