The audacity of governing

One year after the election that gave Barack Obama the US presidency on a wave of hope and enthusiasm, the signs of normal business being resumed are there: the disillusioned liberals are voicing their disappointment, the more rightwing Republicans are doing what they do, the Taliban are busy helping them in Afghanistan, the coalition of voters who elected him aren’t coming out to ensure his guys get in where there are regional elections.

Maybe reality has caught up with the Obama concept, and so the old and new doubters have come out to play. Government is in part about principle, but in part also about tactics and compromise. What keeps it all together is the articulation of a vision, and this us what Obama must not lose. But it’s early days still, and if he gets health reform through, successfully exits from Iraq and contains Afghanistan, the audacity of hope can survive and prosper. We all depend on it.

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One Comment on “The audacity of governing”

  1. Vincent Says:

    If the Democrat Grandees had any belief in their Political as distinct from their right-on beliefs they would have found a safe pair of hands. But No, rather than push the Democrat agenda, they pushed the Black and Women’s agenda. Once they did that I had no time for them what so ever. And as to the handing over of the Kennedy Mantle, bullshit.
    And what is up with the Nobel, what the hell did Obama do to deserve a Peace Prize when if they had any brains the prize should go by default to Aung San Suu Kyi. And to anyone else only if they display Gandhi like ability.

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