So no fees, then

According to media reports, the revised programme for government agreed between Fianna Fail and the Green Party includes a commitment not to reintroduce third level tuition fees. We had already known that this was one of the demands that the Greens were making in the negotiations, and now it appears that this was accepted by Fianna Fail. It is probably wise not to comment in detail until we have seen exactly what has been agreed, and in particular what arrangements (if any) for funding higher education have been included.

If however there is no commitment to increase funding – and in the current economic circumstances I don’t know how any such commitment could be given – then the decision to abandon the possibility of fees could in the end amount to a decision to abandon the project of a high value knowledge economy. But I’ll wait for the details and then comment further.

Interesting times.

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3 Comments on “So no fees, then”

  1. otto Says:

    This may indeed be a disastrous decision in the long run. Time will tell.

    From the IT:
    “Both parties have agreed that the smart and green economies will form the cornerstone of economic policy over the next years”

    But you can’t have a smart economy with threadbare universities.

  2. otto Says:

    The Programme for Government is here:

    Click to access RENEWED%20PROGRAMME%20FOR%20GOVERNMENT%20-%2010.10.09%20X.pdf

    Conscious of the economic pressures on parents today, this Government will not proceed with any new scheme of student contribution for Third Level education.

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