What’s this all about?

Below is an email I received today. I have no idea what it is about, or who the individuals are or what institution is involved. It’s just one of those odd messages I get from time to time…

hello fellow scientists !

as u know somethings have changed…

i  encourage u to communicate only with the persons listed below your list…

I believe we should unite this global nation


take humanity to another dimension !

This summer I decided that the old dean wasdeprecated by any modern standard and that the internal structure was not efficient anymore, so me and Mr SABIN BURAGA, who was vice-dean, are the new DEANS at


of Computer Science, IASI.

The site will be updateD[1]2 reflect the administrative and scientific changes.

I recommend to all interested persons or institutions to communicate only with the following persons :




in order not to be held accountable by international laws.

We are the new scientific coordinators @ F.I.I. ! The X-[pelled] dean, Gheorghe Grigoras will be on trial for not allowing the scientific development of one of the most prolific students in the history of this faculty. There will be some new directions of research imposed at MY FACULTY, including state of the art technologies and optimization methods.

I declare any BsC/MsC/PhD thesis recognized by F.I.I. till year 2008 null and void, and those who recognized them accountable by law, for certifying hoaxes scientifically which is criminal activity by MY standards, except  for


whom at least tried to give themes that honour this faculty reputation.




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14 Comments on “What’s this all about?”

  1. Wendymr Says:

    Looks like someone doesn’t like the Dean of Computer Science at the Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Romania…

  2. More than not liking, I think – some sort of attempted coup?

  3. Jilly Says:

    Fantastic stuff. I especially like the declaring of all prior awards as ‘null and void’, and the claim that the former Dean is going to be ‘put on trial’. And we all thought our own Faculties were lively…

  4. Vincent Says:

    Whine…. Why cannot we have something like that….
    I’ve just received my yearly Cois Coiribe. And as dry as dust a publication I’ve never come across. For heavens sake, that mail of yours has given me more fun.
    Do you at DCU have something similar ?. If you do I hope you have the brain to keep it light and newsy.

  5. John H Says:

    Such a pity that neither claimed to be from the Department of English.

  6. Radu Grigore Says:

    some sort of attempted coup?

    According to this the author applied for a master this year but didn’t go to exams although he had OK grades as an undergrad. According to this he was still a student in 2007 doing lab-work. According to his linkedin profile his IQ is 666 in the shadow and 888 in the light and he is an expert in spiritual computing.

    “Attempted coup”? Come on 😀

  7. Radu Grigore Says:

    PS: I’m a serious Nigerian businessman. I just happen to need some money. Would you help me?

  8. Perry Share Says:

    could be leaked job description for new President at DCU?

    • R Says:

      He’s just a bit deranged, he’s been sending these kind of emails to students and teachers of the Computer Science Faculty in Iasi for more than a half a year now.

      • Archimedes Says:

        Deranged, you say? That’s funny, thinking of the diploma awarding system of CSFI. I know of some guys who had a total class attendance of about 60 minutes (summed up…) during the whole four year of study and got bigger BCS grades than other students who actually learned their way through college. Well, they had an excuse which somehow flew with the teachers (they had day jobs), something that is unacceptable in a western university.

        If you take into account that at the final diploma examination no teacher is actually listening to your presentation and your grade is the average of the four years (the golden unwritten rule) you really start getting the feeling that something is rotten in Denmark.

        In the light of the aforementioned facts I wouldn’t consider a few emails as “deranged” as your attitude (guy signing “R”) of accepting a status quo detrimental towards brilliant students who are actually willing to put in the hard work to get results but the academic system puts roadblock after roadblock in front of them.

        Just to be clear, I’m not the guy who wrote the mail but he was an A-grades student for the most part. I think his problem is that he didn’t understand that grades are not a measure of performance or competence, not in that faculty at least, and it shouldn’t get to him that some old fart gave him a bad grade on a good day for sclerosis.

        So much to say, so little time. Catch up later. Toodle-oo

  9. Dean Jex Says:

    Why are my posts deleted ? Is it a new policy in the sheep world to restrict opinions ?

  10. Dean Jex Says:

    Hello all you happy peoplez, I just want to congratulate Alina Sirbu for her outstanding PhD work @ your university and also to wish luck to Irina Roznovat.

  11. Dean Jex Says:

    Happy old year to you all, the answers are coming…

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