How exactly is this helping anyone? Traffic management oddity

This brief interjection will only be meaningful to those familiar with Dublin – apologies to everyone else.

I cannot help wondering what exactly is the purpose of the new traffic management system on College Grren, under which only buses can pass through at rush hour. Who is helped by this? The traffic is as a result backed up more than ever all around the area. And in any case, before this particular rush of blood to the head occurred I don’t recall College Green itself being a public transport trouble spot. The only other effect I can think of is that the Provost of Trinity College can no longer drive home; can’t say whether that’s a good or a bad thing.

It just seems to me that a new system has been set up at some cost and considerable inconvenience that doesn’t really help anyone at all. Unless I’m missing something. Maybe someone reading this knows the answer.

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5 Comments on “How exactly is this helping anyone? Traffic management oddity”

  1. Scott Says:

    Might this scheme encourage use of public transport? …although it doesn’t sound as though the people on the buses are getting through very quickly.

  2. Vincent Says:

    Not being familiar of Dublin and feeling that it is a grievous mistake that the National Library and Archive are sited there. However, in the spirit of being helpful, the traffic in a City is liquid and over time it will find its own level.

  3. Jilly Says:

    Vincent’s right, the traffic will find its own level: non-public transport traffic will learn to take other routes. And I assume that the problem they’re trying to cure is the public transport blackspot of Dame Street in general, rather than just College Green. It was a nightmare, especially in evening rush hour. Before we moved house about 4 years ago, I used to catch my bus home on College Green, and it would then take 15 minutes just to get past Christ Church.

    With any luck, this new system will fix that problem, and encourage people to use the public transport system because it’ll be the quickest route through the city.

  4. Aoife Citizen Says:

    It is a wonder; I arrive at work 15 minutes earlier and I leave 15 minutes later and still get home the same time I did before. The buses go quicker and they are more regular, like I said, a wonder and as for the owners of multi-storey car parks and those other grim anti-urban agitators who want to take my half-hour extra productivity back off me: damn their eyes.

  5. Julia Says:

    Agree with Jilly and Aoife I also save at least 15 minutes one way since College Green was introduced – previously it took at least 15-20mins to get thru O’Connell to Dawson street (it was quicker to walk!). Yesterday, because of accident on quays, College Green was open during morning traffic, came to office horribly late.

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