Government for the people

This blog is coming to you from the eastern corner of Long Island, New York state. Where I am here is about 100 miles from New York city, and all around are small towns and villages. And today I got a much better insight into the new American administration.

I was standing on a street corner in East Hampton, wondering which direction looked most interesting, when a young man addressed me. ‘Hello,’ he said, ‘my name is Barack Obama.’ I looked at him more closely. ‘The American President?’ I asked, rather hesitantly. I might add that the young man in question did not look anything like POTUS. Well, maybe a little. ‘Yes,’ he replied. And he added, ‘I’m here to help. This is government for the people.’

‘Okaaay,’ I hesitated. ‘Well, I am looking for a good bookshop.’ ‘No problem. Just 200 yards to your left.’

‘Thank you,’ I said, ‘much obliged.’

‘That’ll be two dollars,’ said the President. ‘Budget problems, credit crunch, need to fund all that action in Afghanistan somehow.’

‘With two dollars?’ I asked. ‘Every contribution helps,’ said the great man.

Yes, it was a very good bookshop.

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One Comment on “Government for the people”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Two dollars, (Euro 1.39) ?. Still have the confirmation money then, eh.

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