Blogging anniversary

It is now exactly a year since I wrote the first post for this blog. It was my initial cautious outing into the blogosphere, and I attracted 2 visitors that day; I was rather surprised by that at the time, since I had told nobody I was starting a blog, and really wanted to test my blogging skills before inviting anyone at all to read the stuff. A week or so later my regular readership had increased to a very healthy 7, and I more or less had mental images of all seven of them. Well here we are, one year on, and several mentions in newspaper articles and radio shows, and indeed an Irish Times profile of the whole thing. My readership has also gone way past seven.

My approach to the blog has been simple enough – I’ll spend between 10 and 15 minutes a day on it, no more. That is what I had planned from the outset, and on the whole I kept to the plan. But in truth I had not anticipated the level of interest the blog has attracted, and I am well aware that I am only one person, with only so many interesting things to say, which I have probably nearly said by now. So I have been looking at ways in which I can provide something more varied. One of my intentions is to run a series of interviews about higher education with senior politicians and decision-makers and publish these on the blog, and I may also invite some occasional guest contributors. Watch this space. That is, if you are interested. And feel free to suggest things.

The main purpose of this (and I suppose any) blog is to communicate something. It had been my view that for many people university Presidents are probably a fairly mysterious group of people with ill-defined roles, and so I hoped to lift the curtain just a little and let people look in on my professional life, while also hearing occasionally about my other interests and obsessions. It is not for me to say whether I have been successful, but I am still of the view that it is a good thing for Presidents to address a wider audience and receive feedback. I have not patented the idea (and worldwide I am by no means the first university President to do so, though perhaps I am the most frequent blogger), and I hope others may try it also.

And so to all readers, my very warm thanks. My regular readers in particular are very kind to keep coming back. Someone reportedly once described this blog as ‘unbelievable drivel’. And who am I to say that they are wrong? At the least, this very post demonstrates a high capacity for self-indulgence. But if I have ever said anything of any interest to anybody, then it’s worthwhile.

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19 Comments on “Blogging anniversary”

  1. iain Says:

    Congratulations and keep up the good work in whatever shape or form you decide. I disagree about the ‘unbelievable drivel’ – some of it is quite plausible 😉

  2. Jilly Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Aoife Citizen Says:

    Congratulations and many happy returns!

  4. Thank you, Iain, Jilly and Aoife!

  5. Kate Says:

    love your opinion, thoughts and musings. Happy Anniversary 🙂

  6. Ross Duggan Says:

    Your blog has easily been the most consistently insightful and engaging I have read. Always look forward to new entries. Congratulations on your first year!

  7. Eimhin Says:

    Congrats. Let others be the judge of whether you have something interesting to say. I, for one, enjoy your perspective and observations.

  8. Hugh Carthy Says:

    From a newcomer, congratulations and please keep on blogging. My only regret is that it took me a year to find you!

  9. Kate, Ross, Eimhin and Hugh: Thank you also for your good wishes and kind words.

  10. TheChrisD Says:

    A blogiversary is always a time to celebrate… in a techy sort of way 😉

  11. Vincent Says:

    Sorry, I missed reading this one.

    I echo all said above. And when I have a quiet moment I read some of your back issues.

  12. cormac Says:

    Definitely worth keeping it up.
    It seems to me that all the good blogs are really ‘a day in the life’ – whether it’s a university president, a surgeon or a student. I would love to see a policeman’s blog or that of a nurse – a glimpse into the world of others is always fascinating

  13. Wendymr Says:

    Only a year? I would have expected you to continue the trend of being an early adopter, frankly 😉 As long as any changes don’t involve transferring the ‘Diary’ to Twitter, I’ll keep reading whatever you decide to do. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary!

  14. Happy Anniversary! Your blog is informative and keep up the good work.

  15. Perry Share Says:

    also missed this one. keep up the good work – always worth reading. maybe a bit more goss on what is actually happening in those tedious meetings with the HEA . . .?

  16. Gangster45 Says:

    Bible, in terms of places, people, and events. ,

  17. JXL74 Says:

    Because I am fluent in all languages when it comes to understanding things said about foods I wish to consume, I understood quite well when the man behind the counter explained, in German, that the drink never comes with cream, anyway. ,

  18. […] with a lot of spare time. I also like to spend some of what spare time I do have, exercising. In a recent post commenting on his first blogging anniversary, Ferdinand von Prondzynski wrote: My approach to the […]

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