The plumbing man’s guru

Well, how about that! Every so often things happen that make me think for a moment that some alternative reality has opened up. And they don’t come much more weird than this one. Remember Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, known to millions of people as ‘Joe the Plumber’ (but not to his customers, because I don’t think he’s doing much plumbing lately)? Remember his pithy views on economics, welfare and social policy? No, I don’t either, but by heavens he’s back! Back as what? He’s advising Republican staffers and activists in Washington DC, and he was the star attraction at their last meeting. And no, he’s not advising them on draining water pipes or maintaining a septic tank, he’s condescending to giving them the benefit of his views on President Obama’s stimulus package. He’s against it, by the way.

I believe I can feel a Palin/Plumber election ticket coming on. I can’t wait. Or maybe I can. In any case, if he’s like any other plumber we know, it will be some time before he arrives.

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2 Comments on “The plumbing man’s guru”

  1. Wendymr Says:

    Clearly the Republicans are not interested in winning an election any time soon.

    And I thought Joe the notPlumber was busy being saved by God from terrorist bombs in Gaza? (Before he went, he was asked about the dangers, and he said that as he’s a good Christian God would protect him from harm. So that’s what the Israelis and Palestinians are doing wrong, then?). Ironically, of course, he doesn’t believe that journalists should cover war at all.

    Palin/Plumber in 2012? Bring it on! That’ll guarantee Obama a landslide.

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