Me and Bobby McGee

‘Me and Sean will sort this out for you’, a colleague told me earlier this week (name changed to protect the guilty). I hear this expression all the time, and mostly I don’t bat an eyelid, but just for once I looked at him and said, ‘Me and Sean?’ He looked at me in a way that clearly indicated he had no idea why I was querying that. And why would he? All around us, it’s constantly ‘Me and Tom, Dick, Harry and Sally’. Gone are the days when you wouldn’t put yourself first in a sentence, and worse, gone are the days when someone would baulk at the idea that the phrase, ‘Me will sort this out for you’, could possibly be correct.

‘Sean and I’, I suggested.

‘Why? Wasn’t it “Me and Bobby McGee?”‘

While I was pleased to hear the reference to the song by Kris Kristofferson made famous by Janis Joplin, even a quick look at the grammar of the sentence from which the song title comes would show a wholly different context (mind you, it should have been ‘Bobby McGee and me’, but that wouldn’t have worked with the meter).

I probably have to give up on this one. The tide has rolled in and has submerged the pretty sandcastle we built. Still, you’ll never hear me say what “Me and Sean’ are going to do. I don’t know Sean well enough.

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One Comment on “Me and Bobby McGee”

  1. Wendymr Says:

    …and yet you will also hear She gave it to Sheila and I. Equally wrong.

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