It’s on the cards

This time last year, there wasn’t a single table or shelf in my office that was not completely covered with Christmas cards. Such things are a terrible waste of paper, I suppose, and perhaps are not always the product of much thought by the sender – and yet there is something I like about them, a kind of affirmation of community and empathy, even if the sentiments are superficial. In my own case, I have tended to send out a reasonable but not excessive number of cards – just so many that I can write a personal message by hand on each one.

Anyway, at this time in the current year there are cards, but far fewer than in 2007. And those that have come arrived much later; most of them came in the last five days. Perhaps it is a sign of the recession. Friends and colleagues tell me they have experienced the same thing. I hope, as the climate gets more hostile, that we are not just getting more introspective and less aware of the community around us.

A small number of friends – those who I think will not be disturbed – may be getting unusual cards from me this year. On my visit to California (mentioned in previous posts), I was able to pick up some rather different Christmas cards from a market stall. I confess they caught my eye. One offered the greeting “Here’s your f***ing Christmas card, I hope you’re happy”, and another ‘Happy F***ing Holidays’. I am sending them to people who, I hope, will not think them offensive, but who may be amused. Right now, we can all do with a laugh.

PS. What I am getting lots of is e-cards. Dozens.

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